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With the importance of statistics constantly grows in mathematic statistics, biological statistics, economic and financial statistics, actuarial science, risk management etc., higher educators gradually realize that the basic statistics teaching and training model can’t adapt to the market demands. Currently the training of statistics departments has relied much on the crossing of multiple disciplines and application in practice rather than a single and individual process. Although many colleges have built labs for finance, financial engineering or financial statistics in recent years, most of them have a good appearance but ignore the contents. Such labs display great limitation in practical operation of teaching and research, and fail to obtain functional advantages of a lab.

Overseas, all famous statistics departments possess specialized labs with excellent equipments, strong functions and distinctive features. Students are enabled to apply data from real market and professional statistical software to learn professional knowledge and practical skills that can’t be learnt in class. Through consulting industrial experts and famous scholars in the field, students study profound knowledge and experience closely related to actual situations of the financial industry, carry out statistical operations and researches under the guide of experts to further understand the market, acquaint skills market demands and grow to extraordinarily valuable professionals of statistics.

Statistical Lab construction revolves around college instruction and institution research. The leading professional experiment system is established through modern IT technology, with complex data processing as the core and on the basis of close connection of RESSET economic and financial data, statistical software and statistical models. Aiming at promoting faculty research level and students’ application abilities and oriented to original research and students’ innovation, it is of high internationalization, leading devices, complete system and wide coverage with functions of research, discipline construction, Industry-University-Research cooperation and talent cultivation.