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RESSET provides not only high quality products but also considerate and high-standarded after-sale services. Apart from material downloading and data customizing, it also provides related textbooks, trainings and multiple solutions to clients’ problems timely. All the data used in the textbooks are from RESSET/DB. Students can download them from the company website (www.resset.cn) and then test the program and calculation in the textbook. For trainings, besides the basic one on the use of RESSET/DB, we also have our very own featured ones on SAS programming, financial database, fixed income securities, financial modeling and derivative pricings, etc.

Investment Research

Training service

Trainings on fixed income

This training comprises 6 modules: bond basics and real practice, advanced bond investment theories, bond portofolios and trading strategies, bond rating, convertible bond and asset backed securities and risk management of bond interest rate. Trainees will be able to get an indepth understanding of fixed income theories and also be equipped with real practice skills, therefore becoming a real talent in this area after training.

Brief introduction about training contents(Click here and download the detailed training contents)

Module 1: Basic bond theories and real life practice
Module 2: Advanced bond investment theory and practice
Module 3: Bond portfolio and trading strategy
Module 4: Bond rating
Module 5: Convertible bonds and asset-backed securities
Module 6: Operating practice of interest risk management for debt investment

Trainings on financial modeling

This training comprises 4 modules: investment decision analysis, capital market theory, capital structure and company valuation and historical analysis of capital market. Trainees will get to learn the commonly used financial modeling methods and techniques and grasp the basic modeling ability after this course.

Brief introduction about training contents (Click here and download the detailed training contents)

Moduel 1: Investment Decision Analysis
Moduel 2: Capital Market Theory
Module 3: Capital structure and company valuation
Module 4: Historical analysis on capital market

Trainings on financial derivatives

This training comprises 3 modules: option pricing, bond option pricing and other financial derivatives pricing. Trainees will get a basic understanding of the complicated derivatives pricing models and improve their own abilities of financial modeling and derivative pricing.

Brief introduction about training contents (Click here and download the detailed training contents)

Module 1: Option pricing
Module 2: Bond option pricing
Module 3: Other financial derivative pricing

Timely FAQ Services

When you are using RESSET/DB or studying SAS programming and application or learning financial theories, you can contact us through RESSET forum or email if you have any questions and we’ll strive to provide a best solution as soon as possible. Besides.

RESSET will hold series of discussion forum, technique communication conference, user party and all kinds of communication activities so that our product and technique could be put into best use for the convince and benefit of our clients. Users who make special contribution to the development of product and give the most constructional suggestions will be rewarded a “RESSET Special Contributor” title, and their efforts will be recorded in and broadcasted together with the product itself.