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With an enormous amount of technical approaches brought into and electrification of domestic financial industry, professional staff in the emerging field turns out to be quite insufficient. Qualified professionals for domestic financial industry are required to be capable of comprehensive skills, such as familiarity of economic and financial laws, good command of electronic tools and advanced communication and transmission methods, intense consciousness of innovation and risks for new business development, etc.

Considering national education policies, the revolution for vocational education has become inevitable. Work deploy for vocational education in State Council executive meeting at the beginning of the year says: “Leading a group of common universities to transition to colleges of applied technology.” Ministry of Education is about to start the work for 600 local universities. According to statistics, there are 1200 universities in the nation. That means a half will minimize disciplines and strengthen profession, suiting the enterprise demands and posts. With the further promotion of the revolution, a number of universities will face the situation of re-orientation and transition. In 2014, Ministry of Education has arranged several works for vocational education revolution. E. g. coordinated by provincial government, a group of universities with strong industrial background are selected to adjust and combine course systems with premium vocational colleges for cultivation of talents with technologies and professional skills. The three-year action plan for vocational colleges revolution and innovation has been released to guide vocational colleges to make scientific orientation and featured development. Universities of both provincial and national level are organized to pilot the program of transition to colleges of applied technology which cultivate high-level talents with technologies and professional skills, carrying out the higher education structural alteration.

Pointing at the problems of domestic financial labs and the national vocational education planning, we adopts advice from a number of famous scholars in fields of finance, financial statistics and financial engineering of colleges home and abroad and finally reach the solution. It contains practical training room construction of security, bank, insurance and accounting and the core is to promote discipline construction and practical talents training. Through courses development, business system operation, research program, experiment cases and practical training, and value added service it assists colleges in actual practice training, research projects, practical research, summit and forum and other programs to fully achieve the economic efficiency of labs, turn consuming to benefits to reach a virtuous circle.

Through introduction of various real system of financial industry, construction of financial practical training room and research centre enables colleges to keep up with real business and management in the industry. At the same time, with colleges’ academic resources, research results on professional studies could be adopted to new business development. This is of great significance for financial business development and promotion in our nation.