RESSET Database is a data platform provider of professional services for model test, investment research and so on. RESSET Database is designed by a number of leading experts engaged in financial database and financial modeling research from Tsinghua University and Peking University. Overall, it was overall empirical research-oriented designed, with design idea, system structure, data quality, technical patterns reaching international advanced level, conducted throughout full reference of international renowned database but also involving the actual situation of China’s financial markets, and can provide strong support for empirical research, discipline and laboratory construction.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 560 renowned domestic and international universities and research institutions using RESSET Database products, and more than 5000 high-quality academic journals, Master and PhD theses which refer to data from RESSET Database, published on domestic and international top-ranking publication every year.

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RESSET Financial Research Database
  • Stock
  • Bond
  • Fund
  • Research Report
  • Margin and Short Sale
  • Macro Statistics
  • Industry Statistics
  • Financial Statistics
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Futures
  • Gold
  • Constant

Shanghai and Shenzhen
Level1 High frequency

Shanghai and Shenzhen
Level2 high frequency

Stock index futures,
treasury bond futures
high frequency

Overseas market
high frequency

Commodity Futures High Frequency Data

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