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RESSET/CAD is a web-based information system for teaching in finance and economics, which is developed by RESSET with JAVA and VBA. It contains two major functions: online teaching for economics and finance courses and teaching information management.

For teaching and experiments, RESSET/CAD has integrated the management of every step in teaching process, and has achieved functions which could not be realized with the traditional way of teaching, for instance, the combination of experiments and theories, the combination of teaching during the class and homework after the class, individualized study and cooperation in study among students. In more details, RESSET/CAD include the functions of choosing courses and experiments, online experiments and online tutoring, discussion board for courses and experiments, uploading and downloading homework and exams, Q&A between students and teachers through messages and BBS etc. Those functions help to promote the interaction between students and teachers, increase the teaching efficiency, encourage students to study and cultivate their ability in experiment operations. Compared with other systems with similar style, one of the most outstanding features of RESSET/CAD is its support for experiments for courses: RESSET/CAD has developed and optimized over 70 professional models for experiments, which take advantage of Excel as the front experimental platform and use RESSET Financial Research Database (RESSET/DB)as back data platform. The models are applicable to courses like Financial Engineering, Investment, Corporate Finance, Financial Computation and modeling etc. When designing those models RESSET/CAD set its standards as high as the financial analysis modules in well-known international financial information platforms like Reuters and Bloomberg. Being dynamic, realistic and most updated, the models successfully introduce the most cutting edge research results into teaching, helping it keep pace with the international teaching style.

For teaching information management, RESSET/CAD has integrated the management of school and classes, the management of teachers’ and students’ information, the management of teaching materials and experiments, the management of exams and homework etc. Teaching quality of high standards requires the help of teaching management tool with high efficiency. With the development of information technology, teaching management has been gradually switched from the original paper-based teaching management to information-based management. RESSET/CAD is particularly designed for the work specification in teaching management in colleges. It has features like scientific working progress of management, safe mechanism for authority administration, friendly interactions among users, and extensive statistics about information publication. In addition, the highly information-based and shared management through RESSET/CAD also ensure the increase in working efficiency, the decrease in working cost and reduction in work errors etc.

Features and predominance of our product   —————————————————————————

RESSET and excellent course construction

In order to implement the spirit of the 16th National Party Congress, practise the "Three Represents", enhance educational innovation, deepen the reform of education and promote the application of modern information technology in teaching practice, share high quality teaching resources, increase education quality comprehensively, educate millions of talents and enhance the competency of Chinese institutional education in the world, the Minstry of Education released the Notice on the initiation of education reform to construct a series of high quality courses (the Excellent Course) performing as the target for other courses to raise the teaching and learning quality.

After the release of the notice, the country started the Excellent Course Construction and Valuation project together, followed by all levels of educational departments. A large amount of country leveled excellent course and province and city leveled ones emerged, which indeed improved the overall teaching quality and enlarged teaching resource sharing.

From all the features above, it’s safe to say that RESSET/DB with no doubt will facilitate the excellent course construction in the following aspects:

    1.RESSET/DB and RESSET/CAD will greatly increase internet resource, software resource and thus improve teaching environment.

    2.RESSET/CAD will increase students study ethusiam, facilitate the interactivity in teaching and thus literally improves teaching methods and techniques.

    3.RESSET/CAD will introduce the most cutting edge research results into teaching activities and therefore enhances the technological, integrating and exploring aspects of a course and makes it rich and live.

Additionally, RESSET has invited domestic and foreign experts in this field to write a series of texbooks using RESSET/DB as a data platform. These textbooks are SAS Programming Technique and Financial Data Processing, Financial Computation Using SAS System, SAS Programming Technique, Financial Computation and Modeling, Financial Database, Excel Financial Modeling. These books have the following features: