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The RESSET fixed income analysis system (RESSET/BOND) is a powerful and well-fuctioned software for fixed income securities analysis. This system is fully equipped with a wide range of function modules including basic information, market and quoted prices, income analysis, interest analysis, pricing analysis, risk management, investment portfolio analysis, trading couterpart management and trading authorization management. RESSET/BOND integrates both the trading market analysis and interbank market analysis into one platform, supporting all kinds of fixed income analysis in the market. RESSET/BOND displays quoted price timely and at the same time helps investors to develop their investment strategies, track their portfolios and manage risks.

————————  Product Features  ————————

Well-rounded functions

RESSET/BOND integrates both the trading market analysis and interbank market analysis into one platform, supporting all kinds of fixed income analysis in the market. Compared with similar products, RESSET/BOND has more well-rounded functions such as market tracking, multi-modeled term structure analysis, complete bond analysis indices and user internal management (such as trading couterpart management, position management and trading authorization management). As for the latest and upcoming bond derivatives such as bond forward, forward interest, interest rate swap, bond futures and the more complicated bond options and so on, RESSET/BOND has come up with all corresponding analysis modules. Moreover, RESSET/BOND is a domestic pioneer in bond portfolio tracking and option embedded bonds and asset backed security pricing.

Strong analyzing capabilities

1.The biggest advantage of RESSET/BOND is in its strong analyzing capabilities.
2.Having Gildata and RESSET/DB as its data sources, RESSET/BOND bases its analysis on more accurate data and derived indecies.
3.In the analysis of interest rate term structure, VaR, bond derivatives and option embedded bonds, RESSET/BOND offers not only one simple model but also results from other important models for users’ references.
4.As for each of the analyzing tools, not only can users generate results from real market data but also operate simulations by inputting data in different scenarios so as to find out investment opportunities through comparison.
5.In bond index module, users can have access to bond indices available in the market and also customize their own index system.
6.In investment portfolio analysis module, according to users' settings, the system can offer various ways of portfolio constructions as well as its before and after analysis indices.

Advanced Technology

1.RESSET/BOND adopts the idea of J2EE plugin setting: according to their own needs users can choose or define relevant modules to realize different functions. Each module is independent yet can access to one another very easily.  
2.RESSET/BOND adopts the concept of parameter design, making the system even more flexible to use especially for professional investment analysts. For example: simulation modules rely on parametrization to realize flexible analysis.  
3.Not only can RESSET/BOND access to real time quoted data, it can also use data from RESSET/DB and therefore realzing a stronger professional analysis due to this more comprehensive information and data base. This is currently an advantage that cannot be found in other domestic bond analysis products.